Commercial domiciliation / Collaborative services

Buro Coworking® is a significant commercial brand, and SHARED between companies providing business accommodation, which have the same objectives to contribute to the reputation of the brand “Buro Coworking®”.

USES of the Buro Coworking® brand:

  • as a main sign via a brand license agreement
  • or in co-branding i.e. with the Buro Coworking® logo associated with another sign via a brand license agreement adapted

On the portal website “” will appear the details of companies that are members referenced and holders of the brand license: Buro Coworking ®.

On this website there is a link that is redirected to the email address of each member company with the possibility of using a variation of the domain name

These members of the community of the brand Buro Coworking ® are called: Correspondent Buro Coworking.

CRITERIA for REFERENCING Buro Coworking® Correspondents on the web portal:

  • Be a Domiciliations company with the prefectural approval to legally host a company headquarters or a business address
  • Have shared or private offices and meeting/training rooms equipped with recent technologies: high speed internet access, printer/copier, video projector, videoconference
  • Offer a range of collaborative services: secretarial/telephone support, mail management, computer assistance, support for the creation of activities, cafeteria.